we turn your online visitors into clients

24/7 Showroom

Add a high quality sales vertical that drives store visits and capitalizes on floor promotion. Offer invita-tions regardless of time or location by adding a Dovr Media virtual showroom. Sell your products, 24/7.

Drive Store Visits

We add Organic Search rockstar science into your web platform making sure you do the best possible unpaid location based advertising. By programming smarter, we make sure the right people are receiv-ing your store’s news and promotions. Add our service and do better business today.

Content Marketing

Boost your web presence and build your brand online. From better media to custom marketing, audi-ence targeting, and reputation monitoring, we deliver serious results that include hundreds of store visitors each month, 400% increase in time spent on your site, and a 30% increase in digital sales. Call for more info today.