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Drive store visits

Add a high quality sales vertical that drives store visits and capitalizes on floor promotion.

24/7 Showroom

We add Organic Search rockstar science into your web platform making sure you do the best possible unpaid location based advertising. By programming smarter, we make sure the right people are receiving your store's news and promotions.

Content Marketing

Boost your web presence and build your brand online. From better media to custom marketing, audience targeting and regular monitoring we deliver serious results that include hundreds of store visits each month, 400% increase in time spent on your site and a 30% increase in digital sales.

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"Dovr Media has given a new dimension to my showroom. Customers have brought up how impressive the tour is in store. The sales numbers on my website have increased monthly, I’m very pleased with this product."
Jamey Lambert Furniture Factory Outlet Brockhaven MS
"We doubled the time spent on site, tripled the pages visited, and generated six-figure returns thanks to's Virtual Showroom. We’ve also seen an increase in floor traffic and have gotten great results from the interactive online shopping experience.”
Robert Van Hoose Jr. - Big Sandys Superstore
“Being one of the largest furniture companies in the tri-state area, it’s important to be innovative. The virtual store that Dovr Media did for us was just that. With high quality work, an attentive staff, and an awesome product, they’ve been great to work with. We continue to collaborate on new ideas that will make the buying process more streamlined for our customer on and off the web.”
John Amon - Crest Group’s Value City Furniture
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