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Dovr Media 24/7 Virtual Showrooms




Make the shopping experience more profitable

Get showroom floor sales 24/7

Dovr Media has driven sales across 50 states and 3 countries.
Custom virtual stores and our exclusively licensed immersive content, we are manufacturer’s and retailer’s choice for building Virtual Showroom solutions.

Sell More Online & In-Store

Drive Store Visits and E-Commerce

Use your current Web Provider


• Offer shoppers 3 of your hottest collections for 24/7 virtual shopping.

• Manufacturer’s Market showrooms.


• Shoppable entire floor virtual showroom on your website, social media, email marketing.

• Sell your weekly current offers, financing links, map directions, and contact info optimized to drive store visits and e-commerce.


• Shoppable virtual showrooms on your website, social media, email marketing.

• Sell thousands of your top products from your virtual store.

• Reverse lookup Product pages – see an item on your site, shop it in store near complimentary items with Artificial Intelligence powered shopping solution.

• Full Analytics on your floor. See in real-ime what’s hot and what’s not on your showroom floor.

Dovr Media is a retailer’s partner for Virtual Store shopping with a strong focus on making the shopping experience more profitable. We make it beyond easy to get from your phone to shopping your site while keeping your current web and SEO vendors.

Dovr Media is able to provide a shopping experience that is more connected to consumers desires which in turn drives store visits, increases sales online, and builds the time and $$ spent on site. Our solutions keep your showroom open 24/7 to lower the sales cost per square foot and increase sales of floor items without needing more staff or overhead. By using our immersive showroom views, you are able to sell 24/7.

With manufacturers like Ashley and vendors like Walmart using Dovr Media systems, our exclusive partnerships allow a smart, proven solution to make the shopping process easier, connected, and more profitable for consumers.

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